MIDEO® for Health Care Plans

Solution to Advanced Care Planning

We know that Advance Care Planning consultations can be difficult & time consuming for busy Physicians. This is why the MIDEO® system was developed. MIDEO® makes it easier for Physician practices & your health plan members to have these important conversations. MIDEO® improves patient safety by providing patients with education & a solution to effectively communicate their Critical vs. End of Life wishes.

Using The MIDEO® system has distinct benefits:

Personalized Individualized Actual decisions and gives direction For you or your loved one NOT a guess whereas living wills are a guess!

Improve patient safety and quality

MIDEO® provides education that enables patients to make an informed decision about treatment they wish to receive or treatment they would like to avoid when critically ill or in end-of-life situations. MIDEO® protects against the risks of Medical Stranger Danger & misinterpretation of standard documents.

Decrease wasteful End of Life Spending

Both Medicare & your health plan have approved Advance Care Planning Codes to allow for the MIDEO® process to be implemented.  Today you are already paying for less effective & at times risky ACP strategies for patients. MIDEO® is a quality driven process that can allow your plan to partner with providers to implement more safe & accurate ACP strategies

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