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MIDEO Spanish

Revolutionizing Advance Care Planning, Now in Spanish

MIDEO helps patients create a custom advance care plan on video to ensure patient safety

(WASHINGTON, D.C., January 30, 2024) —Today, MIDEO Health announced the Spanish language launch of MIDEO. As a part of US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), MIDEO®, or MInformed Decision on VidEO, offers an innovative video advance care plan, created in consultation with physicians, and ensures that patient wishes are clearly communicated and accurately followed. With this expansion, MIDEO is poised to extend its reach and impact to Spanish-speaking communities, furthering our commitment to patient-centered care.
MIDEO’s innovative approach ensures that patient wishes are not only clearly communicated but also accurately followed, addressing the crucial issue of misinterpretation in medical settings. As noted by Emergency Medicine Physician Expert and MIDEO Founder and CEO, Dr. Ferdinando L. Mirarchi, MIDEO’s solution is pivotal in enhancing patient safety and ensuring respect for patient intentions.
“Based on a deep understanding of the confusion and misinterpretations that often surround living wills, advance directives and POLST orders, with MIDEO, we are not just offering a platform; we are providing a voice to patients in critical health situations,” said Dr. Mirarchi, lead Investigator for the TRIAD Patient Safety Research.
“The introduction of our app in Spanish is a significant stride towards inclusivity, ensuring that more people can express their healthcare desires, empowering patients and their families to take an active role in their care decisions, and minimizing the risk of decision paralysis in medical emergencies.” Not only will this benefit Spanish-speaking patients, but the design of the software platform sets the foundation for the app to support additional languages in the future. Thus, furthering MIDEO’s ability to be a solution to a very complex patient safety concern.
MIDEO is the most highly accurate form of an advance directive or medical order that exists today, and is HIPAA compliant. Our service begins with a facilitated medical evaluation with a licensed medical provider, from that evaluation a medical prescription for care is created, recorded on video, and placed in our secure servers where it is retrievable anywhere in the world in seconds.
MIDEO Health offers several packages tailored to individual needs, ranging from a basic self guided video process to a comprehensive plan with 24/7 medical decision support from board certified physicians. The portability and accessibility of MIDEO is further enhanced through physical MIDEO cards and refrigerator magnets with QR codes, making advance directives readily available to healthcare providers in all settings of healthcare.
When a patient’s health care wishes are clear, patients, clinicians, and health plans can avoid dangerous medical errors that result in harm and unwanted costs. Medicare has approved billing codes that allow beneficiaries to receive Advance Care Planning Education & Counseling. To that end, MIDEO offers what’s called “Emergency & Critical Advance Care Planning.” MIDEO Health is a medical practice and is accepted by most major health insurances, and is eligible for Health Savings Account (HSA) or Medical Spending Account.
MIDEO is also proud to announce that it has formed a valuable partnership with the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC). This collaboration emphasizes MIDEO’s commitment to providing estate planning professionals and their clients with a reliable and effective solution for advance care directives. NAEPC membership offers its members access to MIDEO services, reflecting the organization’s recognition of the value MIDEO offers to the estate planning industry.
MIDEO has helped patients around the country create their video advance care plans, tailored to their health condition and values, that provide clarity, comfort, and confidence to both patients and clinicians. With the new Spanish language app, MIDEO is now positioned to assist a broader audience in making informed decisions about their healthcare.
MIDEO Health is an accessible advance care planning platform that allows patients to create a personalized video advance care plan in consultation with a physician. MIDEO has helped patients in 45 states and in five countries create their video advance care plans, tailored to their health condition and values, that provide clarity, comfort, and confidence to both patients and clinicians. MIDEO enhances patient safety by ensuring patients have a clear voice in their care.

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