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MIDEO Partners with Global Rescue

Providing an Integrated Response to Medical, Security and Travel Crises

MIDEO Health™ has partnered with Global Rescue, a leading provider of integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis response services to travelers worldwide. The reason we have done this is two-fold.  Without a Global Rescue membership, an emergency evacuation could cost you more than $100,000. Secondly, and most importantly, if you are one of our patients or clients then you came to us with the goal of ensuring your safety. If you have health conditions and are traveling in the USA or internationally, you may be at risk of receiving medical treatments that could end your life prematurely or extend your life against your wishes. This situation is real, happens every day, and is not a risk the average person is aware of. 

One of the risks of traveling abroad is the potential for misinterpretation on your end as the patient navigating a foreign healthcare system and on the side of the medical professional who may not even speak your language. This means that a single misinterpretation can result in a life-or-death situation. In these countries you need a method to communicate effectively with foreign medical professionals, like MIDEO® accompanied by a Global Rescue plan, so their team can come in to wherever you are in the world and quickly evacuate you and your family back to the United States.

A Benefit You Can Trust

The benefit of Global Rescue is that we trust them to get you home safely when the worst happens.  Global Rescue’s critical care paramedics and military special operations veterans are standing by to give members immediate access to medical and security experts and unparalleled deployment resources. With Global Rescue’s relationship with Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, they can provide the necessary lifesaving medical therapies as soon as they arrive on scene and continue these treatments until you safely arrive home to receive medical care in the hands of the doctors who know you and you trust.

For All Ages

So, whether you are a healthy person over age 45, an individual with a chronic condition, a recently retired traveler, or have been diagnosed with a condition that has caused you to want to complete a bucket list of traveling, MIDEO® will provide the medical direction you require to begin your treatment and Global Rescue will ensure you get home safely into the hands to the medical teams that you trust most!

Act now before you travel!  

Ensure that you have a safe trip, even when it’s not smooth.

Curious about MIDEO?

Learn more about MIDEO, a video advance care planning platform that communicates your healthcare wishes when you can’t.

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