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MIDEO® Advance Directives for Patients and Care Givers

Gain peace of mind with a video advance care directive, accessible by QR code. Patients, caregivers, families and medical power of attorneys can rest well knowing their health wishes will be followed.

Video Advance Care Directive Plans

Most major insurances accept this medical evaluation.

MIDEO Health is accepted by most major health insurances and covers your medical evaluation as well as any advance care planning provided. At MIDEO Health, we are a medical practice and as a result you also have the ability to cover any out of pocket expenses with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Medical Spending Account.

From Our Customers

Benefits for Patients and Families

For Patients

Your advance directive can be retrieved by a MIDEO card in your wallet, or a magnet on your fridge.

For Patients

Your wishes are communicated simply and translated in the technical language of medical professionals.

For Patients

Your video advance directive is legally binding to ensure that your healthcare wishes are respected.

Essential Package

For the Healthy Individual of any age

One time setup payment
+ $9.99 annual membership


  • A self-guided video process and clinical decision tools to create your MIDEO safety statement
  • 2 Copies of the Identification Cards with QR code
  • 1 magnet with QR code
  • MIDEO On Board rear window sticker with a copy of the MIDEO for the glovebox
  • Care coordination: Copies sent to your designated primary care doctor, preferred hospital and attorney
  • QR Code Verification
    • Testing for speed and retrieval
    • Audio quality and closed captioning accuracy 

Automated payment due after first year of membership

Vital Package

For Individuals with Multiple Medical Problems or Ages 60 & Above

One time setup payment
+ $9.99 annual membership


  • Includes everything in the Essential Package along with a guided process and healthcare evaluation by a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant
  • Individuals will be educated and counseled according to their unique needs
  • A customized MIDEO safety statement that is recorded and validated for quality, safety and compliance
  • Concierge guidance: Step-by-step instructions from a live concierge to assist with the MIDEO software before, during and after the consultation

Automated payment due after first year of membership

VIP Package

For Individuals with complex medical history (e.g.: those with cancer, heart or lung disease)

One time setup payment
+ $9.99 annual membership


  • Includes everything in the Vital Package plus a detailed healthcare evaluation with a physician

Medical Decision Support

  • Live medical decision support 24/7 and 365 days a year with a Board-Certified Physician training by MIDEO Health.
    • Optional support of a legally appointed Healthcare Agent trained and staffed by MIDEO Health
    • This service will act on your behalf and will not be biased by intuitional practices or payer restrictions.

Automated payment due after first year of membership

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Read Our FAQs page.

For Patients
Ensure Safe Travel
MIDEO Partners with Global Rescue

This strategic alliance will ensure safe travel, even when things don’t go as smoothly as planned.

For Patients
New: Elegant MIDEO ID Jewelry
MIDEO’s Jewelry Keeps Your Healthcare Wishes Safe and Secure

Now you can elegantly always wear your QR code for easy access to your advance directive, with MIDEO ID Jewelry. A stylish way to keep your healthcare wishes safe and secure.

Our Services

Advance Care Planning for All Stages of Life

As of January 1, 2016, Medicare has now approved billing codes that allow you to receive Advance Care Planning Education & Counseling. At MIDEO, we offer what’s called “Emergency & Critical Advance Care Planning.” In this training, we educate patients and families to understand the differences between a sudden medical emergency, critical illness and End of Life, so that you can receive the care you want, when you want it.

This Medical Consultation and Evaluation can be through a traditional medical appointment on site (where available) or at our practice or can occur in the privacy of your home through secure and HIPAA compliant Tele-Medicine Services.

For Patients

Ready to Get Started?

Gain clarity and peace of mind when you talk with your clinician and sign up for MIDEO’s advance care directive plan.

For Patients