MIDEO® Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is MIDEO®?

MIDEO® stands For My Informed Decision on VidEO. MIDEO is life-saving evidence based technology that was formulated from a scientific body of research called the TRIAD (The Realistic Interpretation of Advance Directives). MIDEO is a video advance directive as well as a video medical order for life sustaining treatment that is in your own words and has been formulated to translate your wishes into medical provider understanding.

2. How is the MIDEO® card created?

MIDEO® is created via a facilitated medical evaluation with a licensed medical provider. From that evaluation a medical prescription for your care is created. It is then recorded and placed in our secure servers. We utilize ID cards called MIDEO ID cards and ask that they be kept with your insurance Cards and drivers license in your wallet or purse. You also receive a MIDEO Magnet for your refrigerator as we often train paramedics to look on the side of your refrigerator for your living will or advance directive.

3. How do I know what to say in my Video Recording for MIDEO®?

The MIDEO® process is completely guided and the only preparation you need to do beforehand is to gather the necessary medical information that you need to provide at the time of the evaluation and to make sure your appearance at the time of the evaluation is how you wish to appear in your video.

4. How is MIDEO® different from an advance directive or other type of medical order?

Other advance directives and medical orders are in the form of paper. Paper is nothing more than a guess by a medical stranger. MIDEO is combines directional text on the ID card combined with technology that allows for the rapid retrieval of your video explaining your wishes in real time. It’s the most highly accurate form of advance directive or medical order that exists today to ensure your safety.

5. How is MIDEO® accessed?

The MIDEO® video is accessed by any type of a smart device such as a smart phone (iPhone or droid). The Camera of the smart phone quickly scans the QR code technology on the MIDEO ID card. Your video is then quickly retrieved within seconds in a safe and secure manner.

6. How much does MIDEO® cost? Is MIDEO covered by insurance?

MIDEO® costs are dependent upon your insurance coverage if any. Many Managed Medicare and Medicare with supplemental insurance plans have covered the cost of MIDEO in full or for a co-pay.

7. Where is the MIDEO® stored?

MIDEO® is safely stored in servers that allow it to be secure and retrievable in seconds anywhere, any time to ensure you receive the Right Care at the Right Time.

8. Where do I go to have my MIDEO® created?

As of today we see patients in person in our offices and nationally via tele-medicine. We are always evaluating medical practices in various parts of the Country and you can always contact us to see if we have a provider in your area.

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