TRIAD (The Realistic Interpretation of Advance Directives)

TRIAD (The Realistic Interpretation of Advance Directives)

The TRIAD Research Series was founded by its Principal Investigator, Dr. Ferdinando L. Mirarchi. The studies are not financially funded or supported by any institutional or government program. As such they are completely independent and free from influence or bias.

The TRIAD studies are listed below and available for your review.

Does a living will equal a DNR?
Are living wills compromising patient safety?

The living will: Patients should be informed of the risks

TRIAD I – The Realistic Interpretation of Advanced Directives

TRIAD II – Do living wills have an impact on pre-hospital life saving care?

TRIAD III – Nationwide assessment of living wills & DNR orders

TRIAD VI – How well do emergency physicians understand Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) forms?

TRIAD VII – Do pre-hospital providers understand physician orders for life-sustaining treatment documents?

TRIAD VIII – Nationwide multicenter evaluation to determine whether patient video testimonials can safely help ensure appropriate critical versus end-of-life care

Lessons learned from the TRIAD Research opportunities to improve patient safety in emergency care near end of life

TRIAD XI – Simulation with living wills & POLST

TRIAD XII: Are patients aware of and agree with DNR or POLST orders in their medical records

Widespread Misinterpretation of Advance Directives